Dr. Sabrina Zuniga for Conservative Nomination in Don Valley North

Thank you for coming to my website to learn more about me. I seek your vote as I run for the federal Conservative Party of Canada to be your candidate in Don Valley North.

I am a family person, a teacher and a scientist, a proud Torontonian, and a proud Conservative.

As I was growing up in a middle-class family with 4 kids, my father taught me that I can be and do whatever I strive to do. But with this faith he placed in me, he asked three things of me.

He asked me to be Smart, Honest, and Respectful.

I live my life with these tenets and this is what I will bring to Canada’s Parliament as your MP.

Right now the Liberal government is failing us. They live in a fantasy world detached from the realities of affordability and accountability.

*I will respect your hard earned money. There is no ‘free’ government money. There is only taxpayer earned money.

*I will respect your individual freedoms knowing that with personal freedom comes personal responsibility. We need to target the criminals who don’t respect Canadian laws.

*I will respect your hopes and dreams. Nobody should be telling you what to think, what goals you should have and saying you have “unacceptable views”.

In short, Trudeau and the Liberal government are arrogant, hypocritical, and corrupt. They have grown selfish and self-serving while in power. Canadians have had enough!

I will bring back smart policies, honesty, and respect.

Join with me and let’s win in Don Valley North!

Get your membership today, sign up your family, tell your friends, and spread the word that we can win in Don Valley North with me as your federal candidate.

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“The past cannot be changed, the future is yet in your power.”
Mary Pickford (Canadian movie star, 1892-1979)